In Motion Therapy has a very unique Sports Medicine program. We utilize physical and occupational therapists alongside athletic trainers and local physicians to help athletes suffering from injuries, return to full strength and function. In Motion Therapy provides certified Athletic Trainers at the local Montrose, Olathe, and Delta high schools, delivering optimal injury management for athletes in Montrose and Delta Counties.

In Motion Therapy’s Sports Medicine staff is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes. The treatment regime begins with a comprehensive physical evaluation and a detailed assessment of your injury. The therapist and Athletic Trainer work as a team to design a rehabilitation program specific to your needs and goals.

Your treatment program will also include exercises to help you reduce the likelihood for re-injury when you resume your favorite  sport or activity.

Meet the In Motion Therapy Sports Medicine Staff

Julia Spellman
Julia SpellmanATC, LAT, ITAT
Julia Spellman ATC, LAT, ITAT is an Athletic Trainer here at In Motion Therapy and out reaches to Montrose High School. She works with all levels of patients here at In Motion Therapy providing rehabilitative medicine and care to help return patients to their desired level of activity and reach their goals. She works with all of the Montrose High School athletes and sports teams providing acute emergency care, diagnosing injuries, providing rehabilitation, preventing injuries, concussion care, and getting athletes back on the field. She is originally from Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training in 2015. She then shortly afterwards moved to Montrose, CO and joined the In Motion Therapy team. She enjoys working with all levels of athletes but like to specialize in injury prevention, concussion care, and performance running.

My favorite thing about In Motion Therapy is that I come to work every day with my family, to my home away from home. You should always enjoy what you do in life, and I love my job, but the people that I work every day with make it just that much more amazing.

Some of my favorite activities include hiking, biking, backpacking, painting, drawing, and dancing.

Tylar Lanning
Tylar LanningATC
Tylar graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a B.S. in Athletic Training and a Certificate for Emergency Medical Technician. He is excited to be a part of the building process of the athletic training program at Olathe and Delta High Schools. While he is not working, he enjoys fitness, sports and spending time with family.